Laurel Schwulst

Hi, my name is Laurel, and I'm teaching this class.

I can be reached at or

Here is my personal website, a "fake wiki."

Some of my work


  • HTML Energy Podcast

    Interview-style podcast I created with my friend Elliott Cost

  • Perfume Area Perfume Reviews

    Perfume review / writing project I do with my friend Sydney Shen

  • Reflections Email Newsletter

    Experimental newsletter I wrote during 2020 for about 100 people

  • All my friends on at once Collective Anthology

    I wrote something for this online zine, curated by Gene McHugh, and I did the design or the website

  • Internet Onion Collective Anthology ... more info

    I created this anthology with my Yale Spring 2019 Interactive Design class's writings about love online. The website is only "alive" for 6 weeks out of the year, and maybe you can tell it is currently "dead"

  • The Creative Independent Archive of Interviews with Artists

    I was the creative director of this website (2016-17), run by the company Kickstarter. I created its identity, visual style, and website. Many other people conduct, edit, and publish the interviews with creative people.


  • Fruitful School Online Workshop

    Independent web art school I created with my friend John Provencher ... we've had three 6-week sessions, the first was before the pandemic. For the first virtual one, we went "live" for two days in Fall 2020

  • Water Tasting Interactive Event

    I invited some friends over to my apartment to taste different waters. We described them in words and tried to tell the difference between them. We had a still and sparkling division. The above video was created by my friend Elliott Cost.

  • Flight Simulator Red-Eye Flight

    Flight Simulator is an app (for iOS and Android) I co-created with my friend Dan Brewster. I had a couple exhibitions around it. One was in Seoul, Korea (Summer 2019 at archive bomm gallery) (here are some pictures) and I invited people to sleep in the gallery for a 13 hour imaginary flight from Seoul to New York.

  • ATAP Tour Video for Event

    Alt-Text as Poetry is a website about creative approaches to web accessibility that I co-designed and programmed with Taichi Wi. We made it for artists Shannon Finnegan & Bojana Coklyat. The video linked is a friendly tour through the website we created for a virtual event about the project.


I'm currently (in Spring 2021) ...

  • working on a video tutorial for a popular website

  • working with a group to create a new online presentation tool based in text

  • pitching to program a website with a CMS and migrate old content onto it for an architecture firm

  • designing and programming an artists microsite for Artists Space

  • teaching this class and a class of my own at Fruitful School

  • learning Python programming language